A near smell free smoking experience




Smoke filter Exheyle


Exheyle is an active carbon filter

that reduces effectively the smell of any smoking product and any tobacco mixture.

Simply blow into Exheyle and your flat will smell significantly less.

Exheyle has got a capacity of 40 king size paper smoking articles.


Use Exheyle with our glass bong Boint and achieve a near smell free smoking experience.






You can order Exheyle in our online shop and pay by pay pal or             an advanced bank wire transfer.

We ship to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway.


Feel more active ingredients







Make more out of your smoking article!


Put your smoking article into Boint and smoke it inside the glass tube.

Hardly any smoke can escape from Boint and stays inside the glass tube.


You can inhale all smoke and all active ingredients can be enjoyed.

This has got the effect that you will feel more from the active ingredients from your smoking article.


Use also our smoke filter Exheyle together with Boint and enjoy a near smell free smoke!



Bank wire transfers in advance  have to be completed after 7 working days after the online order.


We ship our products to all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway and the UK by recorded delivery by post.

Shipment costs are 5.00 EU inside the EU, 7.00EU to Switzerland and Norway.

Delivery time: around 5 - 7 working days.